Rental Policies

Tico Tico Villas Guest Rental Policies 2018-2020

To make a reservation request:

Please use the Contact page at . Include the studio type you are interested in, the dates of your inquiry and how many people in your party.  You can email us at or call or text 702-524-9176 from the US. +506 8717-6012 is our Costa Rica mobile.  If for any reason, we do not respond with-in 48 hours please send us another inquiry.  We are in a foreign country and not every system works perfectly every time.  See our website contact page for complete information.

To guarantee your reservation:
Upon confirmation of your reservation we require a deposit, by accepted payment, of $100.00 on bookings for Daily/Weekly rate stays.  This will hold your dates; the balance is due upon arrival, at check-in.Reservations accepted for Christmas, New Years and Easter weeks require a 100% deposit of the full stay. See cancellation/refund policies below.

Upon confirmation of your reservation request for monthly non- peak season, we require a 50% deposit of the first month’s rent. At Peak Season we require in full, one month’s rent deposit to secure your dates. At check-in we require the balance of the first month’s rent, plus a security deposit totaling $100.00 by accepted payment.  This deposits due can be subject to change at peak dates, or at the owner’s discretion. *Monthly stays of 30 days or more may now have a 13% tax applied if the total in a 30 day period is above $1,078.00 or c669,300.00. **Proyecto de ley 20.580

See cancellation/refund policies below.

Payments Accepted:
We accept – U.S. dollars, Colones, MasterCard and Visa. Deposits can be made by:  Visa, MasterCard or money order (with management approval) . Monthly, weekly or daily balances due, and additional charges or deposits must be paid with US dollars, Costa Rica Colones, Visa or MasterCard . 

Full deposit instructions will be provided at the time of the reservation confirmation. 

Cancellation/Refund Policy:
Should you wish to cancel or change your reservation for any reason, please contact us as soon as possible.
Reservations canceled 60 calendar days or more prior to the check-in date will receive a full refund minus any banking transaction fees if they apply.
Reservations canceled with a minimum 21 calendar days’ advance notice, (**we require 30 calendar days’ notice for reservations held in December, January, February, March and April.)  Cancellations made within the21 (**30) day notice will receive a full refund minus a $50.00 re-booking fee.
Reservations cancelled less than the 21 calendar days (**30) period will be responsible for the full amount of the reserved stay, unless we are able to rebook the complete reservation of your dates. If we are able to rebook the complete reservation, we will refund any deposits minus the $50.00 fee. Partial rebooking of the reservation will be handled on a case-by-case basis.  You will receive an email with details concerning any refunds and acknowledging your cancellation or change request.

Cancellations or Change of dates:
Once deposited and reserved, to cancel or change a reservation an email request from the guest must be received to cancel or change a reservation.  You must receive a confirmation from Tico Tico Villas for a cancellation or change of dates to qualify for any refunds.This is to ensure we received your request. Not adhering to policy requirements will result in a forfeit of deposits or rents. A verbal request for a cancellation or changes of reservation is not acceptable. Long term lease cancellation policies are detailed in the individual lease contract.  If you do not receive a reply within 24 hours – please send the request again.

Why is it so important to have an open communications with us?  In highly desirable destination areas,because of the limited long term accommodations; reservations are generally booked months to a year in advance.  If potential guests see we are booked, they either book elsewhere or change their travel plans completely. With only a few peak weeks the entire year for short term guests and only a select amount of Studios, a last minute cancellation can have a noticeable impact.  Thank you for understanding.

Change of Booking:
We will do our best to accommodate changes in arrival/departure dates, due to weatheror circumstance.  As a small property it is not always possible.  All cancellation and refund policies apply.

Trip Insurance:
Life and weather are unpredictable, unfortunately we cannot be held responsible for either. We recommend low cost travel cancellation insurance for its many benefits and your peace of mind.Try or your carrier may have low cost protection.

Documents Needed:
Costa Rica law requires we have valid passport, cedula or your residence country’s ID or Visa on file for every property guest/visitor.  We also require an imprint of all credit cards used for deposits or payments.

Check-In / Check-Out
Check-in is at 3:00 pm.  We strive to have rooms available the day before and will accommodate guests when possible.  Please keep us informed concerning early or late arrivals. We will make accommodations as needed to meet you for your arrival and complete your property introduction.
Check-out is at 12:00 pm.  Please contact us for luggage storage if you are experiencing delays.  Additional daily fees will apply if guests stay beyond reserved time.

Pet Policies:
Do Not Feed the Wildlife! It is against the law and it can be a danger to our guests and the animals.
We do not accept pets of any kind on the property.
We occasionally host a property guard dog for security purposes.

We have a “No Smoking” policy in all studios, patios and pool area. We have only smoke-free rooms. Smoking in smoke free zone will be grounds for cancellation of your reservation and forfeiting of all monies paid or on deposit. Smoking in the rooms is considered a violation of our policies and or leases, and is terms for notice of termination of your lease or rights to be on the property. We have a designated smoking area on the property. A fine of 125,00.00 colones ($250.00 dollars U.S. ) service and cleaning fee will be assessed if staff or another guest/s report any one smoking in a Studio, or if it smells of smoke. Please be considerate, we appreciate your cooperation.

Please remember to lock the front gate.  We want every guests to have a safe and secure stay at Tico Tico Villas. You must remember to lock the gate every time you exit or enter. We rely on the help of every guest or resident to accomplish this goal.  Do not allow or invite strangers on to the property when entering or leaving.  Please find a staff or management member to greet them. The property is monitored with security cameras.  Not following this procedure is considered a breach of policy.  If a guest is found to repeatedly ignore this policy it is grounds for termination of the lease or stay, as they are compromising everyone’s safety. 

We recommend not leaving valuables or anything visible in your vehicle when unattended.Guest parking is arevocable privilege.  We require guests to be considerate of others when parking in the shared parking spaces at Tico Tico Villas.   We are not responsible for theft or break-ins to your vehicle or personal property or belongings.We have temporary storage for luggage if needed.  Please ask management for details.

We expect all guests to behave in a responsible, peaceful adult manner.  Loud noises, disrespectful behaviors or actions, damage of Tico Tico Villas property or guest property will not be tolerated. Quiet time is from 09:00pm to 7:00am.  Please be considerate and make Tico Tico a pleasant place to visit again and again. Repeated bad behavior or disregard for policies can be grounds for cancellation of your reservation and forfeiting of all monies paid or on deposit.  Management reserves the right to enact the Eviction process as an action against residents for if the policies are not being followed, or their behavior is not corrected to meet the policies.

All guests must be registered at time of check-in.  For all guests safety and comfort we ask that you know your guests.  You can be held liable for their behavior and any damage or theft they may cause.  Visitors staying more than 5 days in a 30 day period are required to register and additional fees may apply.

Adult Only:
Our studios and property is such that they are not the best choice for families with children.  We can make other recommendations. 

Maintenance / Construction:
Guests and residents should report any damage or needed maintenance to the manager.  We strive to keep the property maintained at all times.  Residents will be expected to accept the typical noise and disturbances associated with the daily operations.  Guests will be kept notified, by management, if any improvement projects are planned on the property.   Works hours can be 7:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday to Saturday. Emergency situations do not apply to the work hours.

 Damage of Property:
Guests will be held financially responsible for intentional, malicious or accidental damage to any property or belongings at Tico Tico Villas.  Security Deposit, Credit cards or the extent of the law can be utilized for the collection of said costs.

Management, Housekeeping or maintenance staff have the right to enter any Room occupied or not for regularly scheduled duties, maintenance or emergency repairs.                                          

Laundry Facilities:
Only staff or property volunteers have access to the laundry facilities at this time.  We provide a Guest Fluff and Fold Service for a fee.   We have clothes lines for drying personal items of guests.  Guests are not allowed in the Laundry Bodega, it is considered a violation of policy.

The Studios are equipped and decorated to our standards.  Guests are not allowed to paint, or modify any item without prior written management approval.   All expenses incurred to return a Studio to its original appearance or design will be billed to the guest.  Front patios are public areas and must be kept clear of personal items or laundry.  Patios are not guest storage areas.  Management reserves the right to inspect or approve or deny what is acceptable.   Non-adherence to this policy is considered an infringement of policies and can be terms for cancellation of a stay or lease.

Long Term Lease or Contracts:
When applicable, will have a separate agreement with specific language and terms that are in addition to the general web posted property policies.  The additional terms must be agreed to and signed.

Late or Non-payment of Rents, Deposits or monies owed:
Daily and weekly rents are due in advance or on arrival per the booking agreement. Security deposits are due at check-in when applicable.  Monthly rent/s is due on the 1st of the month.Rent paid after the 1st and by the 5th are subject to a Late Fee of 25,000.00 colones ($50.00 U.S.) Rent paid after the 6th is subject to the Late Fee plus an additional charge of 5,000.00 colones ($10.00 U.S.) per day until rent and all fees and/or charges are paid to a zero balance owing.  Partial payment/s does not stop the accumulation of additional owed charges. Tico Tico Villas and their holding companies reserve the right to take any and all legal actions to attain complete payment of any monies owed for any and all expenses incurred in the collection of said balances, up to and including attorney and travel expenses. Non-payment or late payments are considered a breach of policy and are terms for cancellation of any lease or agreement. All policies are subject to change.  The posted policies at Tico Tico Villas website are the responsibility of the guest to understand.Guests at confirmation of their reservation automatically agree to the policies and terms stated and they will be used as the basis for management and legal decisions.

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