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Have questions about the best restaurants? Where is the closest bank? Can I do laundry? We tried to address every question here. If you need something else, don't hesitate to contact us

Recommendations and Resources


Here is just a taste of what is available in Manuel Antonio and Quepos. A quick Google search can provide menus and reviews for most of these restaurants and there is a lot of variety. If hours are listed, they can vary by season. 

  • El Arado - Mention Tico Tico Villas for a free drink. Local food. Lunch and Dinner.
  • Rastas at Hotel Mimos - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
  • Bambú Jam at Tabulia Tree Hotel - Breakfast, Dinner, and bar with live music.
  • Ranchito at Hostel Plinio - A young and casual vibe. Lunch and Dinner.
  • Emilio’s Café - Amazing views, coffee, desserts, and full breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu.
  • El Avion - You must hang out at the airplane restaurant! Good pizza, lunch, dinner, and great ocean views.
  • Falafel Bar - Casual Mediterranean restaurant with authentic food and vegetarian options. Lunch and dinner.
  • Café Milagro - Costa Rican coffee, nice vibe, and food. Buy your coffee to take home! Open early and offers breakfast, lunch, and diner with live music on weekends.
  • Agua Azul - Casual lunch and dinner with great ocean views. Stop in for a sunset drink or try to finish their 2 lb hamburger!
  • Tentación - Breakfast, lunch, coffee, smoothies, and dinner. It is a local’s favorite in Quepos.
  • Enso Sushi - Japonese and sushi options. Dine-in or delivery is available for dinner.
  • La Luna - Fine dining at the Gaia Hotel and Reserve. Do not miss the sunset views of the entire coast.
  • El Largato: Steak and seafood on open wood grills. Reservations suggested. Serving lunch and dinner
  • Varuna Plant-Based Food & Juice Bar - Vegan heaven at the bus stop near Hotel Divismar, Enzo Sushi and Café Milagro.

Locals most often at places called "sodas" (not the drink). This provide simple, local food, and are reasonably priced:

  • Soda Simplé - Quepos
  • Soda Sanchez - Quepos
  • Sánta Plancha - Manuel Antonio (great burgers and fries)
  • Vista Verde - Manuel Antonio    
  • Zamir’s Pizza - Quepos

Sunet is a daily tradition in Costa Rica happening approximately between 5 pm and 6 pm everyday. Slow down, enjoy a drink, have an appetizer, then an early dinner watching the amazing views from these local favorites. 

  • Ronny's Place - Fresh seafood and tropical drinks. Sunset reservations are suggested. Very popular! (Best sunsets Dec to June)
  • Aqua Azul - This casual hot spot is on one of the higher peaks in town. Get there early for a table near the balcony. 
  • Mountain Top Park - The highest point in Manuel Antonio with 360 views. Happy Hour 4-6 pm.
  • Runaway Grill at the Marina Pez Vela - Marina and sunset views with casual, delicious eats. (Best sunsets Dec to June)
  • Raphael's Terraza - Fresh Seafood, typical dishes, and often wildlife close by. Lovely views from the terrace.
  • Art Hostel Costa Linda serves simple breakfast near the National Park.
  • Café Milagro - Costa Rican coffee, nice vibe, and food. Buy your coffee to take home! Open early and offers breakfast, lunch, and diner with live music on weekends. Open at 7:30 am.
  • Boca Boca: Good Food. With delivery service.  Lunch and Dinner. +506 7266 9810 12:00pm – 10:30pm
  • Un Rojo Comido Rapido: Burritos, Quesadillas, Nachos, etc...Fast Food delivered. +506 2777-1100 3:30pm-10:30pm


We offer a "Fluff and Fold" service FOR $20.00 per bag.. Contact us to arrange this service. Please read the instruction note in your studio. No shoes, special care, or dry cleaning accepted for laundry service.

DRYING TOWELS / CLOTHING - Each studio has either a drying rack or a clothesline for drying. For everyone’s comfort, remove clothes from the lines as soon as possible when dry. Please, do not put wash to dry on the front patio railings.


Massage / Spa / Yoga

We can organize an in-room professional massage or suggest the best spa for your needs. Prices vary per service. Please contact us for assistance.


Guests of Tico Tico Villas receive a discount on tours. Please see the Tours page for details on our offerings.

  • Gimnasio Mucho Musculo 5:00 am to 9:00 pm +506 4702 8914
  • MA Fitness 6:00 am to 8:00 pm +506 2777 6767


Beaches are public except in the National Parks. This map displays the location of all local beaches. Be cautious of tides and do not leave valuables unattended. Generally, people are kind and you can ask another beach patron to help if you want to go for a swim.

  • Playa Espadilla is the largest beach and has locals and tours alike. There are also merchants, bars along the beach, and parasailing. Lifeguards are on duty at certain times.
  • Playa Biesanz is smaller but has good water / snorkeling / diving activities. It sits in a cove with warmer water.
  • Playa La Macha is a nearby local beach. It is harder to access and does not offer any services.
  • Playa Playita is the LGBTQ+ beach and is accessible during low tide only.
  • Playa Matapalo is a 30-minute drive South. Seldom busy but stronger currents.

Surf and Tide Information is HERE.


  • LOCAL BUS: The local bus starts at 6:00 am and stops at 10:00 pm. Use the app: MontonCR to track the bus positions on the local route, in real-time.
  • TRACOPA: This is the nationwide bus service. Check routes and times on their website. Please note: city names may change when translated so ensure you are going to the proper city. For example San Jose is translated to Saint Joe.
  • RED TAXI: (+506) 2777-0425 or 2777-3080 (In general Spanish only). We will be happy to call for you. Often, you can walk right to the road and hail a taxi. Ask about the cost before you jump in.
  • COLLECTIVOS: A typical and economical way to get Manuel Antonio is through a collective. Use at your own risk as this is an independently owned car. If a car flashes its lights and beeps at you…it’s a collectivo taxi. They only drive the main road from Quepos to the beach. You must ask them to stop when you reach your destination.  A collectivo is c600 per ride, per person.
  • UBER / LYFT – please check applications.

You can fly to many locations in Costa Rica and experience the country from a different perspective, arriving safely and quickly. The flight from Quepos to San Jose is less than 20 minutes. We suggest contacting Sansa Airlines direct.


Please turn in anything found to our staff. If you have left something behind or lost something; email: [email protected] and give us the details or contact us on the property. We will do our best to locate the item(s) but we cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items.


ATMs are located at banks only.  Banco Costa Rica (BCR) and Banco Promerica are available in Quepos and Manuel Antonio.  ATMs dispense Colones and US Dollars. Some banks charge a hefty ATM fee to withdraw money - sometimes up to 10 USD. A passport is required for in-bank services and to exchange money. Sunglasses and hats must be removed when entering a bank.


Contact Tico Tico if you have any problems or get lost in Manuel Antonio. We are available to help.

  • Office: +506 4701 5179
  • Vernita:  +1 (215) 874 5740 or Eugene: +506 8717 6012
  • Email: [email protected]

Emergency Services

  • Emergency Police or Medical Services   911
  • Quepos Police Dept. +506 2777 3608
  • Quepos Fire Dept. +506 2777 0308
  • Fire Emergencies: 1118
Additional Services

  • Ambulance/Paramedic Service: +506 8380 4125
  • Medico Quepos Clinic: 2777 1727 or 4000 2224
  • Clinic Hospital Metropolitano: 4070 4040 or 2519 9733
  • Quepos: Hospital Max Terán Valls: 7km from Quepos 24 HR Emergency Services  or Tourism Care Medical Services: (Private)
  • For road, air paramedic and ambulance service throughout Costa Rica (+506) 2286-1818. THIS PRIVATE SERVICE CAN BE EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE.

Dental Emergency: We can help you with appointments with local dentists.

Chiropractor: Constance Bishoff 2777 4357 (by appointment)

Crime: Please report all crimes or incidents to us.  We can assist with the proper contacts for a report.