Gardens & Pool Area

The gardens are usually the first thing guests notice when they walk up the stairs to Tico Tico Villas.
Having a beautiful garden and pool area helps you to experience what Pura Vida is all about.

Our well kept garden and pool area will become your lil oasis after a day of touring Manuel Antonio National Park and jumping the waves at the beach.

Once you open up your doors,you are enthralled with flora and fauna waiting for you to enjoy. If you are a lover of plants,
you will notice a variety of household plants that have basically exploded in our tropical gardens.

Throughout the day you will hear the squeaks of squirrel monkeys, the howls of howler monkeys and the squawks of macaws

that visit us in our gardens and pool area. Do not be surprised if you also hear the pitter patter of little feet on your

roof during the night time as wildlife often passes through our property.
One of the best surprises that we get ever once in awhile in our gardens is a two toed sloth that decides to chill in one
of our trees or just passes by on our monkey bridges.

The pool area is the perfect spot for gatherings with guests,pot luck dinners, reading your latest novel,taking selfies,
phoning a friend or even just taking a siesta.

Smoking is not allowed in our studios or by the pool area but we have made you a cool little section we call the
“Hookah Lounge”. The “Hookah Lounge” accomodates the folks who can not break their habit but still want to experience the
beautiful ,colorful garden.

Embrace yourself in the gardens and pool area, come sit relax and enjoy what we have created for you at Tico Tico Villas.

Unwind, Pura Vida.