Guide to Surf Spots in Manuel Antonio / Quepos

Manuel Antonio Area Surf Guide

Manuel Antonio is a coastal city situated in the Central Pacific part of Costa Rica. The town has become a popular holiday destination because of Manuel Antonio National Park. The park features a beautiful beach, Playa Espadilla, diverse wildlife and offer many adventurous activities such as sportfishing, snorkeling and hiking. Manuel Antonio is not a major surfer’s town but it does have some good breaks to offer. If you happen to be in the town and want to surf, you can have quite a fun time.

Surf Breaks in Manuel Antonio

Playa El Rey

Playa El Rey is located south of Manuel Antonio. It closely resembles Playa Hermosa and delivers breaks left and right that close out 

with the presence of a big swell. The surf spot is very clean and deserted. The pretty sun kissed beach is a perfect place for a non-surfer as well.

Playa Manuel Antonio

The beach of Manuel Antonio features a beach break perfect for all kinds of surfers. Surfing in Manuel Antonio is best suited to novices and intermediate surfers. The waves are gentle and fun to ride. Advanced surfers will not find the breaks challenging enough but on some days, when swells are large, even veterans can have fun. The best time to surf in Manuel Antonio is from May to November.


On the northern tip of Manuel Antonio a small beach break is found called Playitas. It is a semi consistent break which is best surfed at a mid to high tide when the swells are large. The waves break to the right and left over a rocky bottom. Watch out for the crocodiles!.

Boca Quepos

Boca Quepos is a rivermouth break presenting fast and hollow waves with a long left riding up to 100 to 200 meters. The spot requires a solid and large swell to break which comes from the northwestern and southwestern hemispheres. The best time to surf is at a low tide when the swell is headed from the west and northwest. When the waves are powerless, the swell is great for long boarders and beginners. The water of Boca Quepos is very polluted so do take a long bath afterwards.

Boca Damas

Playa Isla Damas is a small island located north of Quepos. The 6 kilometers long stretch of island is a remote area that offers a great surfing platform. The island is only accessible by a boat. It features a beach break that peels to the right. The waves are very powerful and strong with hollow rights. The waves are consistent throughout the year and have an average length. The beach break is only recommended to seasoned surfers. Watch out for rips, currents and crocodiles.

Photo courtesy of Matty Rosenthal