Back to the BEACH! Protocols are set…

Back to the BEACH! Protocols set to safely welcome you

The last few months we have been deeply concerned for the world situation and its impact on Costa Rica.  We have taken advantage of the calm and used the time to recharge, launch a new website, create new protocols, make improvements at the villas, and continue supporting our employees and their families. 

We support the continued organized reopening of Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica and the world; with the safety of the citizens and visitors at the top of our minds.  With the beaches opening completely again soon, our devoted team are more ready than ever to welcome you to our tropical garden with it’s vibrant colors and rooms for your very own private escape.  

The ocean is telling you, “come wander barefoot on the sand once again.”                            

Come have an adventure!

The guidelines we will be following:

  • Face coverings or social distancing are recommended when entering our location and interacting with staff. Government protocols will be followed as they are updated
  • Staff will wear masks when appropriate and at a minimum utilize social distancing when interacting with clients
  • We have Private Check-in with a light touch human interaction
  • Housekeeping is limited or by guest request canceled with amenities options to accommodate the stay.
  • All rooms have access to fresh air and A/C filters are maintained regularly.
  • Washing station and sanitation products are available to guests.  Please use them.
  • We are limiting the occupancy to 50% at this 14 room property.  Maximum 7 rooms from now until restrictions are relaxed.
  • The pool is open with capacity limits.  Please follow courtesy cleaning suggestions when you are complete in the area.
  • Local restaurants, businesses and tours may have limitations based on COVID restrictions. WHATSAPP us for updates or with questions.
  • Guests are asked to notify us immediately, if they have a change or concern for their health.  Medical care is available in your room or at the 24-hour clinic or hospital.
  • Rooms are closed a minimum of 24 hours before guest arrival.  See safety protocols on the website to learn more. This generally equals 72 hours after previous guests exit.
  • Groups will be accommodated in room areas that are adjacent when possible. 
  • Outside guests will have limited access after meeting our safety procedures.
  • Room accessories have been minimized to help with deep cleaning.
  • Guest fluff and fold laundry service is not available at this time.
  • Staff has been trained on new protocols to limit possibility of cross contamination to keep you, themselves, and their families safe.
  • Cleaning of PUBLIC AREAS and TOUCH SURFACES are done multiple times daily.
  • Appropriate to this hotel, PPE is provided for the staff. 
  • Non-cooperation with Protocol will be addressed and can be grounds for cancellation of on-going reservations.

Before visiting Tico Tico Villas visit our safety protocols on our website to learn the details.  We have implemented these hospitality operation health and safety protocols per the recommendations of the WHO, ICT and the Ministerio de Salud for the well-being for all of our customers and staff.  

We look forward to being a part of your year!

The Tico Tico Villas Team


Be Kind * Wash Your Hands * We Love You

We’re closely monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) to ensure the health & safety of our clients and Tico Tico employees. We’re taking action based on the guidance of public health experts and our top priority is the well-being of everyone involved. There will be an increase in performing routine environmental cleaning.  Our team is a small family and we are talking precautions to keep us and our community, safe, healthy and employed (we appreciate your support with this goal.)  We monitor our employees health daily. Any suspected sick employee will let their supervisor know immediately and will be sent for evaluation.  Our team is dedicated to doing everything we can to prevent the spread of this virus and we’re reminding everyone to please follow the suggested guidelines of public health authorities. We can still enjoy everything that Costa Rica has to share and bring to our lives. We just may have to do it practicing a different “normal” for a while.   

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us.  

Photo courtesy of Richard Geisen/Photo by Josua Barboza on Unsplash